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Jul 24 2023

OMHA Membership Message

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Message to the OMHA Membership

The 2021/2022 minor hockey season is well underway.  Division schedules have been developed and games are being played.  It is also great to see our young players participating in hockey tournaments.

The main reason for this message is to provide a reminder of the Covid protocols as well as the Hockey Canada rules covering Maltreatment.

There has been improvement, however we continue to have challenges following the Covid protocols.  The protocols are not difficult and are a requirement for access to and use of the arena facilities.  Everyone is reminded to be respectful, patient and tolerant as these requirements will be in place for the foreseeable future.  Please show your proof of vaccination/ID when requested and wear your mask as required.
There have been recent incidents that were violations of the Hockey Canada Maltreatment Rules.  A general summary of the rules are as follows:

• 11.1 - Unsportsmanlike behaviour occurs when a player, goaltender or team official challenges/disputes the ruling of the official(s).
• 11.2 - Disrespectful, Abusive, and Harassing Behaviour:  This behaviour occurs when a player, goaltender, or team official uses disrespectful language or gestures directed to the Referee or any other individual.
• 11.4 - Discrimination:  Any player, goaltender or team official who engages in verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds.

These rules were presented in social media posts from HNB and the OMHA early in the fall.  They were were also discussed at your respective team meetings at the beginning of the season.   These rules apply to all participants (coaches, players and spectators).

The incidents that have occurred were promptly escalated and addressed.  The expectation of Hockey Canada, HNB and the OMHA is to have all allegations reported, documented and investigated.  It is strongly recommended that Coaches, Players and Parents/Guardians take time to familiarize themselves with these rules.


Any further violations will result in discipline/sanctions and involve HNB.
The OMHA is hopeful this message will bring awareness to the rules as a measure to prevent any further occurrences.


Craig Moore
OMHA Chair

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